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About Us

The production activity of the Petroni family began in 1982 and for 30 years with Geladis it has specialized in the ice cream and pastry sector. Our company has a great history full of successes and innovations in the world and is present on every continent. Today it is one of the most complete manufacturing companies.

Welcome to our world, every day we work to offer you only the best

Our ingredients are the result of years of research, innovation and hard work motivated by a passion to provide only the highest quality to our customers. The ingredients must serve and inspire the creativity of consumers, such as the ability to combine new products and new flavors to the limit of imagination. We only use selected ingredients obtained from guaranteed resources.

Our aim is not to compromise the standards relating to quality and safety, offering a guarantee from the raw materials to the packaging of the finished products. Over the years, our products have proven to satisfy and enhance every situation by building on the traditional acquired knowledge and focusing on new innovations.